Legal Requirements – Release Forms

The church’s website and other social media, such as Facebook, are available to the public at large. For this reason, the church is obligated to respect individuals’ privacy and adhere to ethical standards by obtaining consent in regard to posts containing names, images, trademarks, logos, and copyrighted works.

For example, if the church has an event in which a famous Christian athlete will be speaking, the church must obtain a permission via a release form signed by the athlete before the event can be promoted in printed form (mailers, flyers, banners) or online on the website or on Facebook/Instagram.

Release Forms

Please download and print the appropriate release form to submit with your event if a release is necessary. The General Release Form is usually the form you want to use. However, if there is a minor involved, you’ll need to get permission from a parent or legal guardian. Use the Release Form for Minors in that case. Click the button below to open the release form that you want, and then save the PDF file to your hard drive.