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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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World Watch

A Spotlight on Southern Baptist Missionaries

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The Wells family

Jim and Mandy are Southern Baptist International Missionaries serving in Oaxaca (wha-haka), Mexico.

They are our “World Watch Missionaries” for 2019.

Their sending church is Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN.

The Wells family lives and serves in the city of Oaxaca (wha-haka), Mexico. Oaxaca is the name for the capital city of the state as well as the name for the state. Our city has about 500,000 people and most people in the city speak Spanish. Throughout the state, we have 17 different government recognized languages and over 50+ dialects. The majority of these people groups do not have gospel churches among them. Inside the city of Oaxaca however, there are numerous Baptist churches. Language and cultural challenges have traditionally hindered many of the churches in the city from planting churches among the unreached peoples of Oaxaca.

Our team works with US and Mexican churches to cat vision, mobilize, and train them for church planting among the unreached in Oaxaca. Our family is also working to plant a church among one of the many groups near the city. Because of the large number of people groups throughout our state it is imperative that we multiple the mission force to be effective in planting healthy churches throughout our state. Our greatest needs for prayer are more Mexican believers committed to reaching the unreached and open doors for entry among the unreached peoples in our state.

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